Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The future of social media!

I think that social media has already changed in the fact that there are more social media tools constantly being created, changed or updated. There are already various social media tools that people have access to and with the ever changing and advancing technology, we are always gaining new ways to stay connected to these tools and to people around the world. The way i think social media will change in the future is that i think there will be new and easier ways to stay connected and interact with the various social media tools that already exist and have yet to come. I also think that there will only being an increase the number of people that use and interact with these tools; from businesses, to politicians and people of all ages. Also, to state somewhat of the obvious, we will be getting new and more creative social media tools that change or outdate existing ones.

As for technologies that i think will gain popularity or emerge, there is already a dizzying array of devices to chose from that allow you to stay in touch through social media. Smartphones, superphones, tablets, laptops and the list will continue to grow. The way technology is advancing, it is almost impossible to keep up with the new and most current technology and this will only become increasingly difficult as time passes. Technology is practically outdated the minute you purchase the device. Companies are constantly thinking of new ideas and creating new devices.

A perfect example of this Google. This already massive company has what they refer to as Google X labs, which is essentially a "secret" research facility, that google has recently admitted to, dedicated to researching and creating new ideas and technologies. They research everything from talking fridges that order their own groceries when low, self driving cars, tableware that connects to social media networks and even space elevators. A project Google X has been working on for over two years that is actually into prototype and perfecting stages, which will be released in the not so distant future, is what they call Project Glass or Augmented Reality Glasses. This is essentially a superphone built into the style of glasses that are fully voice activated. Google has Recently confirmed the speculation on Project Glass. This is a perfect example of technology that we have to look forward to that will keep us constantly connected to social media and the people around us. Below i have posted a video demonstrating what project glass is all about. This video is a virtual representation but is essentially what Project Glass will do.