Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My perception of social media

When it comes to my perception of social media, i have a fair amount of mixed feeling. I'm 22 years old and have always been a little behind when it comes to exploring new social media. I resisted creating a facebook account for as long as i could until i finally gave in to the trend and had to see what all the fuss was about for myself. Initially, i rarely used it and could not understand why people were devoting their lives to this "slightly invasive/time consuming" site or so my thinking was at the time. That said, it has grown on me especially in the last year or so but i am still not a full time facebook guru. What i thought was initially just a fad, has caused a massive shift in the way individuals, communities and organizations communicate; from the way products are marketed, our sources of daily entertainment, how we get informed, gain insight into someone we meet, down to the shared thoughts of millions in 140 characters or less and everything in between. On that note, i have not adopted twitter as part of my daily routine as everyone seems to have done. I still have not even logged on to twitter/created an account for myself. I have a hard time understanding the need to constantly share, more often than not, every completely irrelevant thought that crosses your mind on a minute to minute basis but that's just me. In the spirit of social media, I am willing to keep an open mind on the matter and possibly even have someone teach me the ways of the little blue bird! To display my efforts in doing so, I shall even attempt to incorporate my first ever hashtag. #keepanopenmind

P.S. i know the last paragraph might be a little over the 140 character limit and would not work in an actual post but I had this uncontrollable urge to hashtag something! #dontjudgeme

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  1. I certainly agree with you on the fact that Facebook and Twitter, etc are becoming far too time consuming in peoples' lives. While it is great to be able to chat with people and keep up to date with them through social networks...what happened to the good old days when you would pick up the phone and chat with people, or go for coffee with them and be present socially, rather than through a network? Social media is the way of the future, but I think people need to limit themselves to how much they use it, or else we are going to become completely consumed by it.